• Jetflix

    Full Stack
    A web application that consumes movies from The Movie Database (TMDb) through a GraphQL server. It allows authenticated in users to search, bookmark and save movies as favorites. Deployed using Netlify and Heroku (it's never been easier).
    Stack: Nuxt.js, TailwindCSS, GraphQL, Firebase
  • Excercise Tracker

    A REST API written in Golang that allows to manage user and exercises logs. Documented using Postman's documentation Tool.
    Stack: Golang
  • Unpix

    A Single Page Application to to search images using the Uplash API. Designed with a Grid system similar to Instagram's. Photos can be saved as favorites and will be stored using the browser's local Storage, i18n is also applied. Deployed using Netlify
    Stack: Vue.js, TailwindCSS, Local Storage, i18n
  • Auth

    Full Stack
    A web portal where users can register, and manage their accounts. The backend REST API can be consumed from websites, mobile apps, or any other web service and some integrations test are performed using Jest.
    Stack: React.js, Redux, MaterializeCSS, Express.js, Jest, Docker